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Isn’t it dangerous not to eat?

No. This is a myth. Unless you are diabetic, anemic or have insufficient kidney function, you are safe to fast. In fact, more and more hard evidence backed by science shows there are countless health benefits to abstaining from food periodically. When you rest the digestive system, you “free-up’ extra energy to get redirected to […]

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What day will I feel the worst?

There is absolutely no way of knowing this. Everyone is so radically unique in the way they experience the process of detoxification. Even people who have been through my protocol 2 and 3 times, still have vastly different experiences each time. Some people even start to feel detox symptoms on Day 1. And of course […]

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If I take a day off work, which day should it be?

The ideal day to have off is DAY 1. There are lots of steps to follow in the mornings and this will be the first one, always gets easier with practice! There are also special meals you will have to prepare for yourself and this can take extra time before work. Having FRIDAY DAY 1 […]

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What is the best type of exercise to do during the Program?

Don’t forget: Resting is essential. ONLY when the nervous system is at rest in the restorative parasympathetic mode can the body neutralize and eliminate toxins, process and excrete digestive wastes, regenerate it’s cellular structure and restore itself completely. This is why our body shuts down every single day for about 8 hours. If you follow […]

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