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10 Sweet Ways to Love Stevia

Stevia leaf is my natural sweetener of choice. Why? Because it’s just a herb with a sweet taste that requires no processing whatsoever. In Peru where stevia grows abundantly, it was traditionally used to treat diabetes. It’s now growing in popularity as a way to prevent diabetes by offering up a healthy substitute for refined sugar. Stevia […]

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RASAYANA: The Ayurvedic Art and Science of Repairing the Frazzled-Self

Old World Rasayana Rasayana is the Rejuvenation branch of Ayurvedic medicine. Rasayana treatments were utilised when the body was warn-down, aged or depleted. People in remission from illness or after completing a full 28-day Pancha Karma detoxification therapy would then undergo Rasayana treatments. Anything that supports and nourishes the blood, the tissues and immune system […]

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The Rules of Nutrition Have Changed

Superfood Nutrition

Counting calories is over and one-size-fits-all nutrition has been debunked. It is within the exploration of what works for you, as an individual where all the fun is to be had. Understanding your personal Prakriti, or constitution according to Ayurveda opens the door to your own personal guide to what to eat to thrive. Once you have […]

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Why it’s Working!

This Easter marked the one-year anniversary of my Detox Program that I have been running in Lima, Peru. To date I have personally guided more than 90 people through the 7-day program. Honestly, the results have been astounding and I couldn’t be more honoured and thrilled. On the first anniversary of the program, I can […]

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My Favourite Ayurvedic Healing Trinity of All Time

Turmeric is one of the world’s great natural medicines. Known as the powerful Haridra in Sanskrit, it is one of the most widely used ingredients in Ayurvedic remedies balancing all 3 doshas. It is used to treat imbalances of the skin, heart, liver and lungs. Turmeric’s therapeutic applications include anti-inflammation and detoxification of the liver. It […]

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