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detox and weight loss unpacked

The following is an interview that I gave for un upscale department store’s monthly glossy magazine in Lima, Peru. The word is out that the detox program gets good results, and like most people, the first question is how much weight will they loose. The concept of detoxing is still relatively new there and it […]

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The detox path of least resistance: clearing the way for easy eliminaion

We are the living, breathing and feeling result of everything we ingest. This includes foods, liquids, herbs, medicine, cosmetics, aromas, sounds, air, thoughts, experiences and energies. What we ingest, what we absorb, and what we subsequently eliminate determines the quality of life that we have. Undergoing a detox program means dedication to the proactive elimination […]

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Amazonian Aphrodisiacs

The Amazon jungle is our planets natural Pharmacy. One quarter of all medicine today is sourced from the rainforest. Amazonian botanicals grow in virgin soil that has been composting for thousands of years. This is the most lush, nutrient dense and truly organic soil remaining on the planet. In the exploration of Amazonian botanicals the […]

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Heat Heals: Far Infrared Sauna’s 101

Sauna Love If you are a sauna lover like me, you will love this insight into the benefits of the far infrared sauna and why they are the absolute best sauna for detoxification of the body. Therapeutic sweating is a key component to a successful detox protocol and saunas are one of the best ways to get […]

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