Being served elegant healing foods while being pampered from head to toe poolside is unquestionably appealing to almost everyone; however, we are aiming for long-term results here. So although there are many good reasons why you would go on a luxury detox retreat, there are equally some very convicting arguments for preforming the detox process on yourself, in your very own home.

1. Learn new longevity practices, and make them the new normal

Undertaking the task of preparing healing foods, brewing healing herbs and self-administering luxurious treatments gives you a far higher chance of continuing on with these longevity practices and incorporating them into your daily Life. Whilst we are all creatures of habit, it does not take much time to establish new patterns that can have a profound effect on our wellbeing. Small changes in your daily routine can have a big impact on your future health. 100% of my past participants have reported their desire to continue with at least some (if not all) of the daily treatments they learnt during the detox week.

2. It’s oh, so rewarding

Taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing will inevitably yields the greatest long-term rewards. Optimal health is about stepping up to the plate, about finding your own way in a sea of advice, and taking responsibility for all that you do (or don’t do) for yourself to achieve your desired outcome. Learn to be your own guru, and live out the reward.

3. Recluse in your sanctuary (AKA your own bed)

A good detoxification process can bring up some temporary uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms. For most of us, even the option of fluffy hotel pillows and fresh towels can’t compare to the emotional nourishment we feel within the sanctuary of our own bedroom.

4. House detox

As you clean up your insides, you will inevitably desire your immediate environment to match up. The toxic cleaning products, chemical based toiletries and dead foods you may still be using, start to naturally become intolerable. The transition can be a sublet one, depending on where you’re starting point is. As you go through the program at home, you have the opportunity to see what you are choosing to live with in a new light. This is one of the most profoundly positive long-term benefits of the detox program at home.

5. Lead by Example

When you experience something new, you inevitably share your experience with the people you share your life with. Husbands, children, colleagues etc. will know all about it. Even though some might question your liquid lunch or laugh at your enema stories and maybe even ridicule your efforts, deep down, they’re listening. And when you show up a week later, lighter, glowing and happy, they’re noticing. Your dedication and commitment to your health will not go unrecognised. So not only will you be teaching and sharing new things with the people you love, but you will be leading by example: one of the most powerful ways to make positive changes in the world.

6. You know it, there’s no place like home

When you are outside your normal routine, you are generally outside your comfort zone, which can be a source of anxiety for some. Anxiety and stress are extremely counter productive during the detox process (and in general) because we only self-repair when the parasympathetic nervous system (chill mode) is in play, Therefore, undertaking new routines and practices, with the creature comforts of home can be extremely beneficial in keeping chilled out and relaxed throughout the process.