7 day | at home detox program



A 7-day at-home wellness journey designed to cleanse, nourish and reset the digestive system, kickstart appropriate weight loss, eliminate cravings, decrease inflammation, support the immune system, tone and nourish the liver and kidneys and dramatically increase energy levels, vitality, focus and drive. 


Increased energy and mental clarity
Appropriate weight loss of approximately 2-4 kg
Reduced inflammation/pain in the body
Increased flexibility/agility
Improved intestinal flora and pH
Elimination or reduction of caffeine dependency
Elimination or reduction of candida and parasites
Elimination of gas and bloating
Loss of sugar/carb cravings
Constipation relief
Brighter skin and eyes, healthier hair

Expect to feel lighter in body and mind, renewed energy and excitement for positive change.

This product is currently unavailable.

If you would like to experience the home detox program, please FILL IN THE REGISTRATION FORM  specifically indicating where you live/where the kit will be shipped to so that I can notify you when they become available.


My programs are based on the philosophy that when the hands that heal you are your own, this becomes participatory medicine; the most powerful kind of healing that exists. Participatory medicine strengthens the sense of agency and resiliency that encourages a far more profound healing response with staying power.

The home program is full-on and all-in, with amazing results. This is a one-week deep commitment to your well-being. Being the leader of your wellness trajectory and taking control of your actions while you follow the program is INCREDIBLY EMPOWERING. You will finish the program feeling like a victorious health warrior, a very powerful place to begin any journey. 



  • Pre-detox set up
  • Printed program book
  • Printed program protocol
  • Text coaching
  • Post-detox guidelines and recommendations

THE AMAVEDA Product Collection

  • The Amaveda Colon Cleanse
  • Amaveda Ayurvedic Spice Blend
  • Amaveda Super Spice Porridge Mix
  • Amaveda Detox Tea | liver + kidney herbs
  • Amaveda Calming Evening Tea | Nervine herbs
  • Amaveda Detox Aromatherapy
  • Amaveda Abhyanga Body Oil
  • Water enema apparatus
  • Organic green coffee enema packs
  • An Ayurvedic copper tongue scraper
  • Lymph dry brush

The program focuses on these four areas




self-cleansing practices and rituals




Boosted fat metabolism with functional fasting

Program highlights


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“The protocol sets you up to succeed, the content is beautifully presented, concise and accurate. An unexpected gem of a program. Thank you for lighting my path and showing me the way.”

“I’ve actually never felt better or more connected to my body. In just one week, I changed my life. Doing this program is definitely a commitment but it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself maybe ever! I wholeheartedly can say it was worth every moment I invested into myself and my body. Thank you!!!”

“I feel back in touch with my body in a positive way with no urges to snack on refined foods nor any caffeine urges. I am eating in a more mindful way and I’m more aware of when I’m full. Thank you, Emily, I feel cleansed top to toe, inside & out, rebooted and raring to go!”

“I have been able to think more clearly and have been able to implement brand new business strategies… I never felt hungry or that I am missing out – purely that I am doing something very special and essential for my wellbeing”⠀

“I’ve been suffering from fatigue for a year and it feels clear, I actually feel high, like I’m on plant drugs, I’m literally in 8th gear but also feel really grounded…”⠀

“Besides feeling physically cleaned inside and out, I feel an emotional cleansing as well, and the reunification with my higher self.”

“I felt I really held and I safe through a very thorough detoxifying process. The guidance was clear, encouraging and loving and the benefits were out of this world. I have so much more energy, much clearer skin, silky skin, I feel clear-minded, balanced, better sleeping patterns, some weight loss and the process have spurred on lifestyle changes, everything seems to come into harmony very quickly”.

“I was blown away with the structure, level of detail, quality products, customisation, and personal support involved in this program… This experience was life-changing and I could not be more grateful that Emily used her wealth of knowledge and passion to set up such a program.”

“Oh, it was amazing! My chronic headaches and heavy sinus pressure have disappeared which I have been suffering terribly for the last four months. My adrenals feel like they are working again, I’ve been so chronically fatigued and now my energy levels are back up to my usual sprightly self. Again, can’t tell you how wonderful I feel.”

“This is the most thorough detox I’ve ever done and I feel so proud for having done this challenging week! I lost 6 kilos that’s been there for the last 20 years, I feel ever so sexy! The thing is, it felt and still feels like this big commitment to myself, therefore I now feel so much strength and confidence! I got new insights on how to follow my dreams and yes, after more than 5 weeks, I still do the morning and evening routines. I cannot describe how amazing this detox is, thanks to the love and support from Emily. “

“I highly recommend this program. Emily is amazing; she is so generous with her knowledge. I really liked all the methods we learned and I will incorporate them into my daily life. It’s very rewarding to know that you can stop bad habits and start doing good things for yourself like starting to eat better…I have lost 4 kilos in one week. The products and everything that is included is so lovely presented and with so much love and dedication. Thank you so much Emily.”

“This has been the only time in my life that I have been able to stick with a health program. I have tried many and always gave up right away. This time I felt comfortable and confident with Emily’s level of knowledge. The program has logic and was easy to follow. I feel better than I have in a very long time. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to feel better and feel good about themselves.”

This product is currently unavailable. 

If you would like to experience the home detox program, please FILL IN THE REGISTRATION FORM, specifically indicating where you live/where the kit will be shipped to so that I can notify you when they become available.

Please send me a message if you have any questions regarding the program. 

Thanks, Emily



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