The Amazon jungle is our planets natural Pharmacy. One-quarter of all medicine today is sourced from the rainforest. Amazonian botanicals grow in virgin soil that has been composting for thousands of years. This is the most nutrient-dense and truly organic soil remaining on the planet. In the exploration of Amazonian botanicals the first thing that stands out is that the majority of medicine used here is in the barks. The next thing you will undoubtedly notice is that when learning what each plant is used for, the word aphrodisiac appears almost relentlessly in the lists of usages.

So, why all the aphrodisiacs?

When looking at some of the most revered aphrodisiac plants in the Amazon, they all have a plethora of life-enhancing properties. Most of these medicinal plants are described as providing stamina, energy, potency and fortification. All of these qualities are undoubtedly useful in lovemaking, but also life-enhancing qualities that can be channelled and directed into all areas of our personal, private and professional lives.

These are plants that work in a myriad of ways

Aphrodisiac plants earn this name because besides fortifying the body, they activate the libido. Even though a heightened libido can lead to one specific outcome, their effects on the entire physical body can be quite varied.

Examples of libido-specific effects aphrodisiac plants can have on both sexes

  • Bringing on a state of arousal
  • Increasing blood circulation to and to the pelvis and the genitals
  • Strengthens and prolongs orgasmBut also…
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reducing anxiety or tension, allowing the body to be more receptive
  • Strengthening and fortifying the reproductive system

Chuchuhuasi for example, maybe one of the most well-respected libido booster for both men and women is also used for strengthening immunity, arthritis and other inflammation issues, strengthening to the spinal cord and joints, assisting digestion and adrenal support and Energetically alleviates fear allowing you to stand up tall: for people who need to find their power


In Ayurvedic medicine the branch of Ayurvedic medicine that deals specifically with sexual potency, virility and fertility is Vajikarana or Vrishya chikitsa. Proper usage of these formulas is understood to bring the results of not just sexual potency, but also improved physique, energy and complexion. What a nice win-win. So again, ancient/indigenous aphrodisiacs enhancing our overall well being in a multitude of ways.


Aphrodisiacs and Detox

Like many transformational events in our lives, it’s not quiet over when it’s over. There is still that ever-important assimilation period: that precious time where we take in to our very being all that we have experienced and learned. That wonderful period where we metabolise the information and come out the other side. Within the context of detoxification of the body, this is the Post-Detox diet. Really, the most important part of a detox program. After working so hard to create clean spaces in the body’s cells, it’s what you choose to refuel with that determines how your results will impact your health going forward. The rebuild is what strengthens the conversation between what your body’s needs vs. the cravings. The rebuild allows you to create a strong foundation to move forward with. This is why in my post-detox protocol I use these incredible plants to bring stamina, resilience, and potency to the clean body.