Activated charcoal (carbon) is a very fine, black, odorless powder used as a potent detoxifier and digestive aid. Charcoal is one of the most incredible organic materials for removing toxic matter from the body, as well as gasses trapped in the gut. Commercial activated charcoal is the result of charred organic material (such as willow bark, coconut shells, bamboo, eucalyptus bark, oak etc.) that is then ‘activated’ by subjecting it to oxidizing gases or elevated temperatures.


Carbon has been used as a natural medicine and remedy for illness and toxicity of the body for thousands of years and is one of the earliest documented forms of medicine. Animals in the wild if poisoned will instinctively search out burnt trees and eat them for the toxin-eliminating effect of the carbon.


Activated charcoal is highly absorbent because the activation process makes the tiny grains of carbon extremely porous. It can absorb toxins and gases that have a thousand times more weight than it has. It is said that a single teaspoon of activated charcoal has the surface area of approximately 10 000 square feet. Under a microscope a single grain looks like a sponge with huge empty pockets.

Activated charcoal has a negative ionic charge, which attracts positive ionic charges. Toxic materials such as heavy metals, radiation, noxious substances, environmental toxins, harmful bacteria’s etc. are all charged with positive ions and call be pulled from the body with the ingestion of negative ionic charged substances, such as activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is 100% Alkaline assisting the body back into it’s perfect Acid/Alkaline balance, so if you are working with the Acid/Alkaline diet it is the perfect supplement to take.


Bad food choices

Sometimes we make bad food choices. It’s not always through lack of will power, sometimes it’s just simply due to lack of options, bad planning or simply the need to be gracious and just eat what is offered. After the deed is done, activated carbon can ease the discomfort of indigestion.

Air travel

Being at altitude (especially combined with the poor food choices that often accompany air travel) can lead to painful and nasty gases trapped in the gut. Quickly remedy gases caused by air travel with a dose of activated charcoal.

Vacation Aid

Most ‘Delhi belly’ is actually caused by low or necessary antibodies to the new foreign bacteria. Activated charcoal is a travel kit essential because it assists in pulling out any foreign unwanted substances and bacteria. Take then after every meal until you return home. (Papaya enzyme pills and probiotics are also a great addition to any travel bag).

Overindulgence in alcohol consumption AKA the hangover

When celebratory drinks get flowing and accidentally turn cheer to ‘intoxication’, taking a few activated charcoal tablets before bed is a very good recovery plan.

Exposure to excessive toxicity

The cleaner your body is, the more sensitive you can become to environmental toxins. Things such as fresh paint in your home or office, neighbours who spray their lawns with pesticides, the “new car smell” chemicals and other toxic offences can be remedied with a dose of activated charcoal.

After treatments with pharmaceutical drugs/medications

Generally activated charcoal should not be taken during treatment with prescription medications as to not interfere with their effectiveness. After treatments are finished though, it can assist in the elimination of any residual toxicity. This is also true for recreational drugs.

Dental work or surgery

Activated charcoal can pull lead and mercury from the body so dosing up on activated charcoal would be a good idea after having mercury fillings removed to assist the body in eliminating any particles that may have been released into the body. It is also a good idea to take some activated charcoal after local or general anaesthesia.


I use activated charcoal as part of my powerful Morning Detox Drink along side the negative ionic charge of detox clay. Mixed with gelatinous substances such as Aloe Vera/ psyllium husk or flax seeds, it really gets the whole process kick-started: pulling out and sliding away.

Black Magic Recipe

for general detoxification, colon health + blood cleansing

1 chunk of fresh Aloe Vera (2 inches X 2 inches minimum) Can be substituted for ½ cup of bottled Aloe Vera juice.
1 level tablespoon fine activated charcoal powder
Juice of 1 lime or ½ lemon
1 cup alkaline or filtered water
Dash of pure organic apple juice

Blend in a Nutribullet, blender or food processor and drink with reverence and joy as always!

Charcoal can be found in powdered form, capsules and tablets. The powdered form is generally seen as the most effective because it’s fastest to enter into the system. From my research, the highest quality activated charcoal comes from coconut shells. High quality activated charcoal has 0 toxicity so there is no chance of overdosing, as the body will simply eliminate that which is of no use so when in doubt, go high.