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8 ways to avoid SAD this winter

Spreading some light on SAD As the days grow shorter for those in the Northern Hemisphere, lowering temperatures and diminished sunlight hours may cause problems that even the snuggest knitted jumper will fail to solve. If you’re feeling down, before brushing it off as the Winter Blues, you may wish to consider that you are […]

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DIY: Liquid Probiotics

  GUT INSTINCTS Never underestimate the importance of your gut health: It is inextricably linked to your mental and physical health. It originates from the same type of tissue as your brain, and is the location of 80% of your immune tissue. A healthy gut = a healthy mind and body. There are around 100 […]

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The Couples Detox: A survival guide

FORMING A DEEPER UNION A detox programme done as a couple can deepen the relationship in several beautiful ways: 1. The union deepens through mutually supported goals. Helping each other out and being supportive in a new or uncomfortable experience can be very heart warming. The challenges that come up during the process offer opportunities […]

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The Emotional Detox (and 5 ways to actually enjoy it)

A good detox means releasing toxins stored within both the physical body and the emotional body. There can be no separating the two. How light and joyous one feels at the end of the detox process is directly related to how much shedding of toxicity (both physical and emotional) can be accomplished. WHY SO SAD? […]

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6 Excellent Reasons to Detox in Your Own Home

  Being served elegant healing foods while being pampered from head to toe poolside is unquestionably appealing to almost everyone; however, we are aiming for long-term results here. So although there are many good reasons why you would go on a luxury detox retreat, there are equally some very convicting arguments for preforming the detox […]

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Homage to Tree Barks

DRINKING TREE BARK In examining the expansive array of benefits provided to humans by plants, it’s interesting to note how specific parts of the plant work differently within the human physiology. Example: delicate flowers generally offer us their subtle energetics and are best taken by drinking their mild infusions or essences under the tongue. Chamomile […]

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Black Magic AKA Activated Charcoal

WHAT IS IT? Activated charcoal (carbon) is a very fine, black, odorless powder used as a potent detoxifier and digestive aid. Charcoal is one of the most incredible organic materials for removing toxic matter from the body, as well as gasses trapped in the gut. Commercial activated charcoal is the result of charred organic material […]

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The Good Slime, an Ode to Aloe

  NUTRITIONAL POWERHOUSE I recently read Aloe Vera juice just might be the coconut water of 2015. Coconut water, as gorgeous as it is, doesn’t hold a candle to this ancient medicinal panacea. There have been hundreds and hundreds of independent research studies conducted by doctors and scientists on the healing agents found in the Aloe […]

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Spotlight: 3 Healing Herbals

  A synergistic Trinity of plants When blending herbs, essential oils or really any other plant medicine, I ‘m always drawn to work with both synergy and trinities. Synergy occurs when individual elements are more successful once they are joined together; in other words, when the sum is greater than the parts. The symbol of a […]

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