This system of cleansing the body and the skin, rooted in the Ayurvedic methodology known as Oleation-Sudation is a fundamental part of Pancha Karma, the Ayurvedic detox. Oleation is the use of FAT to assist the detoxification process. Sudation is the use of HEAT to assist the detoxification process. This powerful union of heat and fat is fundamental to the Ayurvedic detox system. HEAT + FAT = a powerful ancestral union for healing the body.


The Sanskrit word Sneha means both oil and love. Ayurvedic texts teach that to anoint the body with oil is to saturate it with love of self, and love for our plant allies. This is our gift from this masterful Indian tradition. 


Ayurveda sees the toxins existing deep within the body’s tissues and therefore certain steps are needed in order to prepare the body for the Pancha Karma. Preparation practices can last from 7-21 days and are fundamental to the process. Both oleation and sudation are used to isolate, agitate, lubricate in preparation for the toxins to be expelled.


The use of fats and oils are used to lubricate and loosen up the tissues where the toxins live. Fat is taken internally and oils are administered through the skin with the assistance of heat.


Heat generally comes from external sources such as steam baths, dry saunas, baths and massage. Heat can also come internally through moving the body, increasing the heartbeat and body temperature. Heat stimulates molecules to move, allowing the toxins to be loosened up from their holding place.

Oleation is the use of fat to assist the detoxification process. Sudation is the use of heat to assist the detoxification process. This powerful union of heat and fat is fundamental to Pancha Karma




Tie your hair back, then, dispense a few drops of Amaveda Buriti Facial Oil (or any unadulterated, unrefined oil) into the palm of your hand. With your other hand, catch a few drops of hot (as hot as you can) water from the tap and mix them into the oil, creating a 50/50 blend of hot water and oil in your hands.


Gently massage the slightly heated, diluted oil all over your face. This will now melt away any superficial dirt, bacteria, makeup or dead skin.


Rinse the natural cotton washcloth under hot water then squeeze out any excess water. In a quick mini, circular motion, rub the cloth over the face to remove all of the oil and everything it carries with it (this will include the makeup, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria as well as the oil) The texture of the cloth will give you enough of a gentle exfoliation of the skin. Repeat a few times if desired.


At this stage, your skin is perfectly clean and you may choose to stop here. If you have ageing skin or are prone to dry skin or just want to receive the extra benefits of all the incredible rejuvenating ingredients, apply a few more drops to the palm of your hand and gently rub into your skin. DONE.

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