Being around other people drinking and eating can be quite challenging while on a detox or cleanse program especially since the aroma of food will stimulate your appetite and make it very hard to stick to your resolve. In order to get the results you want, and the results I’ve promised you, you must stick to the protocol as closely as humanly possible. The program is really short in comparison to how many wonderful and lovely meals you can enjoy in your lifetime! So my advice would be to take the path of least resistance and either opt-out or reschedule for when you are back in full force. If your lunch/dinner companions are people who back your efforts to find new levels of health, and whose company leaves you feeling loved, secure and grounded, then they will understand your choice to stick to your personal transformation plan. Some people find it extremely satisfying to be able to mingle and socialize while still following the protocol as it only reinforces their own victorious dedication to their health. If you find yourself unable to reschedule or opt-out of dinner or social plans, let me know and we will make a detox survival food plan for you.