Most of us have had the experience of coming back from a vacation feeling like we need a holiday to recover from our holiday. But the rise of wellness tourism – a holiday designed to allow us to truly rest, rejuvenate, and improve our health – shows that many of us desire a different type of travel. One that has lasting benefits beyond those seven days of annual leave. But is that even possible? Is it possible to really switch off these days and will it make any difference to your health when you return home?

By choosing the right holiday experience you can experience a multitude of benefits and these can lead to continued changes even after you leave the sun-kissed golden beaches. The following are the five elements I believe to be the foundation to quantum shift, to a real breakthrough and what I use to build my protocols around. These are the things you should be looking for when choosing your next experience away from home.


Emotional baggage can be released and relief from nervous system exhaustion can be obtained by taking part in relaxing activities, such as guided meditation, mindfulness, restorative yoga, somatic practices, pampering spa services and sleep support. Stress hormones start to subside immediately upon arriving somewhere new, somewhere where these health-boosting pass times are on offer.


By truly disconnecting and immersing ourselves in natural settings we experience relief from relentless electromagnetic radiation exposure (hotspots and electronics) and adrenal fatigue via our fundamental need to harmonize with the natural world which recalibrates the body and promote homoeostasis.


Movement of the body will disperse stagnant energy, decrease pain and boost Prana. When we exercise we increase oxygen intake and encourage the natural detox function of lymphatic drainage and perspiration.


Opening up to the infinite world both inside and outside of ourselves creates a more meaningful life, and often a greater sense of life purpose. Human connectivity and sharing, rituals, shamanic practices and subconscious exploration bring about a more authentic and expansive life experience.


A broader knowledge of different cultures coupled with learned self-care practices and healing food preparation via informative and interactive workshops allow for wellbeing to become integrated into life at home for deeper more sustainable transformation.

When planning a wellness-centred holiday do so with a sense of self-awareness. Think carefully about what you’d like to get out of it, what you find most relaxing, and choose an experience that will cater to these needs. Your vacation really can be an opportunity to heal and grow, so choose well and make it count.