Yes, you can prepare other peoples food and sit and eat (or not) with them. The hardest part about being around other people’s food is the smell, after all, it is the aroma and spices of food that gets our digestive juices flowing and signal to our brain its time to eat. For most people, preparing meals for their families can be quite easy since it is such a fixed part of their routine. If you want to join your family at meals, just be prepared to feel stimulated by the food. There is no reason you cannot sit and enjoy their company with your own detox-plan food, teas or liquid fasting drinks. You will need to be strong, but you are strong, which is why you’re here. I might suggest that you ask them in advance for their support around your decision to detox and not fill you with fears or temptations while you are on the program. You can even go one step further and get them involved, have them try the dishes and teas. They will surely be impressed by your dedication to your own well-being. Good health is always shared with those we love.