The short answer: Yes, keep going BUT….

A) Rest when you are tired and drink when you are thirsty.

B) Give the practice 70-80% or your normal energy. Give less, try less. REST MORE.

C) Stay home if you don’t feel well or with enough energy.  

 When we detox, the most important thing to “do” is as little as possible. When we are completely relaxed, being still/calm or sleeping, our body is repairing itself, which we need for the detox to be successful. In general, the more you can relax the nervous system, the better your detox results will be. We are re-directing energy away from digestion to allow deeper repair work to happen in the body and this can only happen in a state of rest. (Not Great with Bikram)

That said: maybe the 2nd most helpful thing to “do” during the program is to move your body. Keeping fresh oxygen coming into the blood is very helpful. Increasing your heart rate and encouraging the blood to pump through your veins carrying fresh oxygen also keeps the detoxification process moving nicely. (Great with Bikram)

The 3rd most beneficial thing we can “do” is sweat! The skin is our largest organ of elimination and so encouraging the release of toxins through the skin is an excellent assistance to the process (Great with Bikram)

 So there is an interesting balance of active, but not exhausted, movement but with an extra alertness to listen if your body needs rest.

So, on a normal day, when you can feel very good about your discipline to go to your Bikram practice, on the detox program I want you to feel GOOD for maybe deciding to stay home and put your legs up the wall or just lie in bed reading. You are not “lazy” you are repairing on a cellular level!