To take your holiday to do the program is an excellent idea! What a brilliant way to spend your free time, really looking after yourself, making sure that when you do return back to work, you are more energetic, focussed and looking and feeling your best. The benefits of the program can be greatly improved by lots of downtimes, relaxing walks in nature, catching up with loving friends or family and days at the spa getting massages and saunas… so, of course, it would be great! However, the program is designed to be carried out during your “normal life” and most people are able to work throughout the whole week without any problems. Generally the DAY 1 is the most “difficult” because everything is new and requires extra time. The best way to prepare for the program while continuing with your job is to ask in advance for permission to go home early if you are not feeling well during the program. Any time lost during at work will be quickly made back up again when you return with more focus, energy and positivity.