Most people complete the program while continuing to go to work. However, it is highly recommended that you have permission to leave work early, arrive late or not go in at all during the detox week, if necessary. You may not need to be absent from work at all, and you may feel extremely energetic throughout the whole week, we just don’t know. What you need is FLEXIBILITY.

If you can not get time away if needed then you should know that pushing yourself too hard during the programme will be extremely counter-productive to the program and must be avoided! Rest and relaxation are essential to the detoxification process. Keeping the central nervous system in “chill-out” mode is key to allowing the natural bodily function of detoxification to kick in. Being stressed out during the detox week is 100% against the objective.

Some people do still not understand the full benefits of detoxing the body and your boss may be one of them which is a shame since ultimately you are preventing sick days and boosting productivity. During the program, you must PUT YOURSELF FIRST, ABOVE ALL ELSE. Everyone in your life, including your boss will benefit from a stronger, healthier, happier you.