The meals in the programs are based on Ayurvedic “Tomasic” or healing dishes. The meals are easy-to-digest, wholesome and tasty. The program comes with two simple recipes, one for breakfast and the other for lunch and dinner. The programs utilise the mono-diet philosophy; the repetition of ingredients eases the digestive process. This is effective becuase we need specific enzymes to break down each type of food, therefore, the less variety of ingredients we ingest, the less work our digestive system is required to do, freeing up more energy for greater assisted gut healing. 

Mono-dieting is to encourage detoxification. Mono-dieting is NOT a nutrition program. 

The recipes are made super-simple (and tasty) with the addition of 2 different spice blends provided in the program kit.

The Breakfast Spice Blend provides a low-glycaemic index and anti-oxidant rich porridge seasoning. 

The Ayurvedic Spice Blend boosts ‘digestive fire” and provides a deeply aromatic seasoning for the main healing dish, Kitchidi, as well as all its variations also provided.

There is no starving or suffering involved.