I moved to Peru in 2006 and drank Ayahuasca for the first time that same year.

For some years, I oscillated between my Lima apartment and the two Ayahuasca centres (one in the Cordierla Blanca Mountains and one in Iquitos in the Amazon) where I was working, creating the healing food menus, making custom-sized mosquito nets, filming water births and everything in between.

It was here, at this time in my life where I found the inspiration to build a detox program, a protocol that supports the work of the medicine.
My 7-day at-home detox program was originally designed to be carried out in preparation for drinking Ayahuasca. It has evolved and evolved since then, but all these years later but still remains an excellent way to prepare the body for working with Ayahuasca.

Coming to sit with Aya in a clean body is extremely advantageous. Even though the medicine has a very strong detoxifying and purging effect on the physical and energetic body all on its own, it’s can be a much more pleasant experience with a clean body. The pre-cleansed body provides a more direct line to the profound healing she offers, having already done the groundwork.


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