since 2013

Casa Terra | Algarve | Portugal

November  6-11 | 2022

Bookings are open and all info updated on September 1st. 

2023 dates TBA

Ayurveda Inspired | Plant powered | Pleasure focused

A full 5-day, 5-night stay at the beautiful Casa Terra in the eastern Algarve where you will be gently guided through the deeply nourishing Amaveda Panchakarma detox protocol, bringing balance to the physical, mental and emotional body.


Increased energy
Healthy appropriate weight loss
Increased mental clarity and positivity
Improved intestinal flora and pH
Loss of sugar/carb cravings
Improved sense of happiness & wellbeing
Reduced inflammation in the body
Reduction or elimination of pain in the body
Increased flexibility/agility
Reduction or elimination of candida overgrowth
Eradication of caffeine dependency
Eradication of sugar/carb cravings
Immune system support
Brighter, clearer skin
Culinary consciousness
Motivation for positive change in all areas of life

“I still have not found the words to describe the retreat experience. Maybe for me, words are not enough as the feeling is so profound. Not a day goes by without me visualising the place, the feeling, the vibe, the stillness, the shifting in body and mind…So deeply grateful.”

“I could see changes from the first day! Every day I felt so happy for making this investment in my life….”

“This retreat shifted me on levels that I did not know was possible, I left with a highly functional and thriving body, as well as a plan of action to achieve my goals, intuitively and concretely.”