Consuming nothing but liquids is the best way to assist the body in breaking down fat reserves and encouraging cellular rejuvenation and repair. Period. Fasting done correctly will radically up-levels the physical, energetic and mental body.


During the 7-day detox program, you will create your own delicious 3-day liquid fast including Ayurvedic tonics, vegetable extracts, healing herbals and warming broths.


All the information and recipes you need to create your own delicious and satiating 3-day liquid fast is including with the 7-day program content.


If you prefer to outsource this part of the program, there are dozens of high-quality home delivery or pre-ordered liquid cleanses that can work harmoniously with the Amaveda Detox. I am happy to assist with this.


Meal options are provided if you do not feel the fast is appropriate for you or would like to experience a shorter fast. Nothing is forced. Hundreds of people have successfully completed the 3-day fast within this program and found it far easier than ever imagined. This is because the body is correctly prepared for the fast on day 1, 2 and 3 of the program.