So, looks like Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF’s) is here to stay.

Electromagnetic Radiation (or EMF’s) is just one of those topics that no one wants to talk about, but I think we need to. When it comes to feeling our absolute best, we are very quick to jump into all aspects of our physical reality: what we eat of course being top of the list. But sometimes we forget we are electromagnetic beings and essentially we are conductors of energy. I think this is an equally relevant perspective to tune into. Distorting the body’s electromagnetic field can cause big problems in both the physical and emotional body and the guiltiest culprits are EMF’s of course.

EMF”s come from cell phones and Wi-Fi modems, used in close proximity to our electromagnetic field all the time. And then there are the smart meters, hotspots and phone towers all around us, omitting more and more EMF’s all the time.

How do EMF’s affect us? (Warning: this is grim)

Thousands of studies worldwide show that exposure to EMF’s are linked to lowered resistance to viral and bacterial infections and overall weakened immunities. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has reviewed over 2000 studies on EMF’s and the conclusion is that EMF’S “should be regarded as possible carcinogens”. EMF’s are also linked to accelerated ageing, mood disorders, anger and violence through the alteration of melatonin/serotonin balance. When the melatonin/serotonin balance is off, this results in insomnia, depression, fatigue, migraine headaches and lack of concentration. And now that we know serotonin receptors are mainly in the gut, and that gut health is at the root if almost all known major illnesses, this is pretty bad news all around.

Negative Ions Protect the Body From EMF’s

Ions are invisible particles, which hold an electrical charge that is either negative or positive. Negative and Positive ion ratios can be measures in anything from a waterfall, an office space or a shopping mall. Negative ions help us balance the nervous system allowing us to keeping evil cortisol levels at bay. They also improve our gastrointestinal function, possibly because they Increase PH in the body ensuring a more Alkaline state. They also keep our serotonin levels in check promoting good mood and restorative sleep. They also speed up the recovery time from depleted systems. Basically, they are absolutely essential to overall health and wellbeing. On the contrary, positive ions found in exhaust fumes, acid rain, pesticides, food additives and EMF’s wreak havoc on our bodies (so in a nutshell, negative ions are very good, positive ions are very bad).

The EMF Detox

In my Detox programs I fully address EMF toxicity by incorporating negative ionic practices and ingestible into the protocol, literally pulling out like a magnet the excessive positive ionic charges (contained in things like free radicals, heavy metals and stored EMR) from the body. Any good detox protocol should address positive ionic damage. The following are some things you can do now to help your body detox from harmful EMF”s.


Our Planet Earth so sweetly and conveniently holds a negative ionic charge. Some of the most radical cures are really the most basic of concepts. Walking barefoot on the earth allows you to soak up millions of electrons, essentially detoxifying the electromagnetic radiation from the body. City parks are great but can hold “stray voltage” so really the idea is to get to the closest countryside available to you, get your shoes off and walk about, as often as you can.  Beaches and coastal areas are also fantastic as saltwater and sand are such great conductors. So, if you’re thinking of heading to the beach this year for a healthy dose of Vitamin D, you can justify the splurge even more knowing those soothing walks in the tide are greatly assisting your EMF detoxification.

Blue-green Algae

Both Spirulina and Chlorella act as negative ionic charges in the body and assist in pulling out toxicity such as heavy metal toxicity, pesticides and other non-water-soluble contaminates.

Airplane Mode

Keeping your phone in Airplane mode means it’s not pulling in a signal. It means it’s not a little microwave hotbox in your pocket. When you need to use it, turn it on. I just timed my phone and it took all of 3 seconds to connect from Airplane mode to full service. I got 3 seconds and so do you. (I think all children’s apps should come with a pop-up message for the parent to first turn on Airplane Mode, right?)

Home Proofing

If you feel you are super sensitive to EMF’s there are many ways you can protect your living environment. There are plenty of information sources online offering tips on how to set up your home or look into finding an EMF specialist in your area to make a house call.