A good detox means releasing toxins stored within both the physical body and the emotional body. There can be no separating the two. How light and joyous one feels at the end of the detox process is directly related to how much shedding of toxicity (both physical and emotional) can be accomplished.


At around day 5-6 of the detox program, the emotional release starts to kick-in (although some kick off right away). A good emotional detox is always strongly encouraged of course, because when the release does happen, it’s gone for good. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognises this mind/body connection as foundational for both diagnostics and treatments. Emotions such as fear and vulnerability relate to the Kidneys. Emotions such as frustration, anger and even rage relate to the liver and emotions such as grief, loss and deep sadness relate to the lungs. Amazingly, these emotions and their corresponding organs defined though Traditional Chinese Medicine also correlate very closely to the Ayurvedic system. Ayurveda, for example, sees grief and sadness as more of a Kapha imbalance and Kapha dosha is housed in the lungs and chest, just like in TCM. If upsetting emotions are reoccurring, it is worth focusing on the correlating organs of course and calls for further investigation. However, during the detox process when you’re feeling low, grumpy or angry, it’s generally just a really good sign that things are moving, and allowing these emotions to play out is the best course of action.


Unfortunately, most of us are very uncomfortable in our discomfort because it’s so culturally shunned upon: there is so little framework and allowance for dealing with rocky emotions in our modern culture. We know there is great value in expressions like: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Well, yes, that’s true, but what do you do when feeling aggravated, grumpy, sad? The best advice I can give to my participants during the detox program is to not get too involved. There is nothing to fix, do or resolve. Just let it be knowing it’s temporary and a good sign that things are shifting. Once these emotional states are simply left alone, they dissipate and dissolve. Stay with it, trust and breathe. Then, get ready for the reward of lightness, of clarity and of the joy that follows.



According to Chinese Medicine, water represents JOY. It teaches that one if the functions of water within the body, is to move emotions, as well as metabolic waste out of the body. 85% of our brain tissue is water. When the body needs more liquids to flush out toxins, and there are insufficient amounts in the reserves, it will draw water from the bones, muscles and the of course the brain. Give yourself a huge helping hand through a rough day and get on the good stuff: clean water.


Get outside, no really. Move it up and get outside, and best of all, get your shoes off, get into the forest and walk around. This is profoundly transformational and there is science to back it up. Read more HERE about what amazing things can me accomplished by accessing the negative ionic charge found in nature. Not only will you shift the negative emotions, but stand a very good chance of seeing clearly, chilling out and enjoying a sense of relief and joy wash over you.



When we clean out or colon with herbs or through colonic irrigation or even with simple foods, we know exactly where that toxic waste goes because we flush it away. Bye! But where do the actual toxic thoughts go? Hopefully not projected on the lovely people we share our lives with. Good old pen and paper really get the job done. Bitch it out, whine it out, sulk it out and just go on and on about it until you just can’t think of anything else negative to say. Then burn those pages up. Why? Because fire represents the alchemy of transformation and, it feels good to let it burn! Setting a little (safe) fire to can be joyously symbolic of your desire to release these negative emotions into ashes.


Sometimes during the emotional phase of the detox (or any healing process), you may be without many calories and the thought of some vigorous exercise might seem crazy, or even dangerous. However, if you’re already in an emotionally upset state, chances are your adrenals are already being tapped and you are no longer in a state of repair. Short and intensive exercising will not just halt the negativity, but also send you quickly into a state of endorphin-fuelled bliss. Best options are skipping rope, jumping jacks or sprinting. Move it, and then rest.


The emotional body re-sets every time we sleep. Often times a good detox program or any self-healing protocol will require you to treat yourself as your own patient, or your own sick little child. When the negative emotions start to build momentum, it feels almost like a snowball of yuck getting stronger and stronger. If this is the case, and you just can’t see even a glimmer of light, the next best step is to get straight into your pj’s and tuck yourself in for a serious attitude-adjusting nap.