If you have never self-administered an enema, you are in for a real treat! Before you cringe and run away, here’s something to consider: what’s more horrid; having a healthy, clean colon or living with a colon impacted with putrid faecal matter from yesteryear? Ew. Anyone who gets cringy over cleaning something that is dirty might have it backwards.

It’s quite simple: the ability and confidence to occasionally self-administer a therapeutic enema can dramatically improve your quality of life, and from the comfort of your own bathroom. This is a simple and effective self-care practice that takes less than 20 minutes, at basically zero cost and with instant results.


Therapeutic Enemas (know as Basti) are foundational to Ayurvedic healing and are used to treat the entire body and mind with a recorded usage of almost 5000 years. In 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine recorded using enemas for fever therapy. During the middle ages, enema popularity continued to grow and they became a stylish practice of the wealthy and even royalty. In the 19th century, Dr. Kellogg, an American became a strong supporter of the enema in the treatment of the many diseases of the times. Clearly, we’ve been putting water up our bottoms for a very long time. Luckily, we no longer need gourds or bullhorns to do so.



Up until about 20 years ago, water enemas were standard practice in hospitals prior to most surgical procedures for pain reduction in the body, often ceasing the need for medical intervention altogether.


Constipation is extremely common, but not a condition to take lightly as it has serious long-term health implications. Although constipation must be remedied through diet and lifestyle, a self-administered water enema is a quick solution for immediate, albeit temporary, relief to a very uncomfortable state.


Residue faecal matter residing in the lower colon will leach into the bloodstream causing low energy, pain and a depressive state. As soon as this has been flushed away, there is an immediate resurgence of energy to the body.


There are two types of enemas. They differ in both intention and method. These are 1. The water enema: also sometimes called a high enema and 2. The retention enema: also sometimes called medicated or medicinal enemas.

Water enemas are used to assist in the removal of impacted faecal matter in the lower colon. Water enemas are able to reach the last ½ meter of the colon, where most of the toxic waste resides and can accumulate. They are referred to as “high enemas” because the water source should be quite high, using gravity to add some force to the water flow. The intention of the water enema is to assist in the elimination of impacted faecal matter residing in the colon, therefore reducing the amount of toxicity leaching into our system. This practice is quite simply about using clean water to clean, moisten and loosen any gunk that’s stuck.

Retention enemas are used to introduce medicinal solutions into the bloodstream via the colon. The membrane of the colon is the most permeable surface in our body. Any solution retained in the colon will be absorbed into the bloodstream. The objective of the retention enema is not to clean the colon, like with the water enema, but instead to utilise the thin and permeable membrane of the colon by intentionally retaining whatever solution is inserted for enough time to pass through the colon membrane and into our bloodstream. In general, the necessary retention time is between twelve and fifteen minutes.


If you are familiar with popular detox practices, you have probably heard about the coffee enema, a retention enema. Coffee contains caffeine and other beneficial molecules that stimulate the production of glutathione S-transferase (GST) in the liver. GST is said to be the “master detoxifier” in the body. Coffee enemas increase the activity of the protective enzymes and amino acids of the liver and gut to bind to toxins while boosting bile flow, allowing for the safe elimination of toxins from the body. Dr Max Gerson, the pioneer in researching the science of using the components of coffee to heal the body, believed coffee enemas reduced toxicity in the body by 700%! Additional reported benefits of coffee enemas include boosted energy levels, heightened mental clarity, elimination of parasites and candida and ease of chronic pain in the body.

Other types of retention or medicated enemas used in Ayurvedic Basti treatments as well as modern hard-core health hackers are: ghee, sesame oil, raw aloe vera, spirulina, mineral salts, probiotics, milk thistle, herbal extracts and the list goes on. The objective is quick absorbency, almost immediate bio availably and the ability to administer powerful herbal solutions into the body while bypassing the digestive system.

Enema kits are included in all my home detox programs because like everything I base my programs on, they make a huge difference with very little effort and without having to outsource to a specialist. Water enemas are included in the 4-day light body cleanse and water and coffee enemas are included in the 7-day Panchakarma detox program.

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