Originating from the Vedas

Ayurveda It is one of the oldest written natural medical systems on earth, and still going strong. Ayurveda goes beyond defining health as a state free from ailments or diseases, but rather as a state of enjoying uninterrupted physical, mental and spiritual happiness and fulfilment. This is the ultimate goal of course, complete fulfilment. Optimum health defined by Ayurveda is accomplished through the knowledge and understanding of what is appropriate and inappropriate for each individual person, what is auspicious and what is not. Once we know who we are at our core, (known in Ayurveda as Prakriti) we can move into the innate understanding of what we need as individuals to truly thrive. We can also understand how unbalanced states can be corrected and perfect states of health can be restored. This feels so right in a world of fad diets and health trends: know thyself.

Just how useful it is

Prakriti in Sanskrit means constitution or nature, something that is defined at our conception and never changes throughout our lifetime. Understanding your Prakriti is your tool to discovering what to eat, when to eat, what illnesses you might be more prone to, what type of people create more harmony in your life, what type of exercise works best for you, what beauty regimen to follow, what vocation is most suited to you, what geography you most thrive in, what type of holidays to take etc. These lifestyle choices, if not already instinctual, become your unique recipe to a thriving vibrant life as you are literally craving them at a core level.

Why it’s coming back into modern living

Modern medicine is capable of extending lifespan and can be essential to diagnostics, recovery and treatment of many illnesses. However, symptom eradication in place of root cause analysis has been debunked. I believe referencing the fundamentals of how highly developed ancient traditions viewed the body holistically, along with it’s care practices, will become of greater and greater assistance to humanity as we evolve.

Where Ayurvedic wisdom really speaks to me

I am dedicated to only using only 100% natural ingredients in my products, diets and protocols. I have found inspiration on so many levels through Ayurvedic formulas free of all toxicity yet extremely potent and effective.

Ayurveda utilizes the medicine that is all around us: in the light spectrum, precious metals, gem stones, herbs, seasons, experiences, smells, sounds and food of course. All 5 sense organs are involved in our wellbeing. I have always loved the idea secondary nutrition.

Secondary Nutrition: Ayurveda teaches that everything we absorb becomes part of our nutrition. One of my favorite quotes expressing this concept: “Diet is defined through Ayurveda as something you take in from any field of perception, from any mode of intellect. What this simply means, is that when you are looking at your food, you are looking at 1/5th of your diet. You take in what you touch, what you smell what you feel, what you hear and what you think. Everything that goes in becomes a part of your nutrition”. Dr. R.E. Svoboda. This brings so much fun to the idea of creating the “perfect diet”: taking the emphasis off the food, and broadening the concept to our world at large.

Our uniqueness is fundamental to Ayurveda. Recognition of this uniqueness means self-awareness is rudimentary to uncovering your own personal formula to thrive and that feel right to me on all levels. Observing how extremely different everyone experiences the same detox protocol is always such a reminder of how unique we are in our constitution, and how unique then must be our remedies.

Detoxification known in Ayurvedic medicine as Pancha Karma is encouraged for both the prevention and treatment of all imbalances in the body. Little did they know 5000 years ago just how toxic the planet and the human experience would become. I believe detoxification is an essential modern practice and I’m very honoured to draw from this system. The toxins have changed, but our physiology has not.

Rasayana treatments rebuild and rejuvenate the body. Within these remedies lay the secrets to recovery from our modern burnout, adrenal exhaustion, nervous system overload and other consequences of the Vata-aggravated decade. I have found endless modern-day-applicable gems in The Ayurvedic science of Rasayana, maybe more necessary now that ever before.

The Peru connection 

Ayurveda teaches that there is nothing more energetically aligned to our physical and emotional bodies than plants. The Ayurvedic system is open and adaptable to all the healing plants on earth once their effect on the body is understood. Peru provides an arguably unparalleled global resource for healing plants, and this is where the fun begins. I have had such a wonderful opportunity to be based in Peru for almost a decade, playing and learning from the abundance of healing plants, from the Andes to the Amazon.

An interesting internet resource for a deeper dive into Ayurveda can be found HERE.