Rasayana Ayurveda


Rasayana is the Rejuvenation branch of Ayurvedic medicine. Rasayana treatments were traditionally utilized after a period where the body was warn-down or depleted. People in remission from illness or after completing a full 28-day Pancha Karma detoxification therapy would then undergo Rasayana treatments. Rasayana therapies are also used to remedy old age, before the term ‘anti-ageing’, there was Rasayana.

To bring this into a modern-day concept; Imagine you have been sent home with “doctor ordered rest’ and now, your sole priority is to sleep, and then get strong. So flash forward a few days, you’ve been sleeping like crazy, hot baths and day naps galore and you know your body is no longer dealing with a sleep deficit, but now, you need to rebuild your vitality! This is Rasayana, the rebuild, the rejuvenation, the regaining of your power and the ability to be strong in body and mind.

Ayurveda teaches that anything that supports and nourishes the blood, (known as ‘RASA” the root of Rasayana) and supports the tissues and immune system would be called a Rasayana therapy. Herbs, tonics, specific diet and even specific physical and mental practices which promote vitality and longevity by delaying the ageing process and preventing disease are also called Rasayana.

You may not have been sent home for doctor ordered rest, but we are all a little burnt-out on some level. No matter how good care you take of yourself, there is always the question of “Why don’t I feel better? I’m doing everything right.” So what has changed from the way we live now to when the original Ayurvedic Rasayana therapies and treatments were first implemented thousands of years ago? Well, pretty much everything.

  • Unprecedented levels of stress
  • Overpopulation
  • The overstimulated mind
  • Multitasking is not only necessary but expected
  • EMF radiation exposure
  • Our 24-hour plugged-in lives (3 devices, 10 passwords, 20 accounts)
  • Unstable politics, economy and climate
  • Managing the new “disorders”,  hormone imbalances, anxiety, insomnia
  • The nutrient deficit diet
  • The overexposure to toxicity in our everyday lives

No matter what your individual lifestyle looks like, everyone is affected by the new RUN-DOWN. Somehow along the line of our progress, we forgot to make it socially acceptable to take time out to repair. We are not only societally expected to just carry on, but worse: to push harder. #domorebemore


The ideology behind Rasayana treatments still work, our physiology hasn’t changed. The Rasayana herbs, tonics and practices are still here and still work the same way in the body. The foundation and science of body-rejuvenation are still the same. It’s just us that have changed.

How Rasayana therapies work and can be implemented are a new exciting focus for me. I would not be able to break down everything in this little post, but to start here are my top Rasayana medicines, foods and practices.



Chyawanprash – A delicious Ayurvedic jam that builds immunity. Melt it into hot water to make a lovely evening or daytime hot and sweet immunity tonic.

ShilajitA dense mineral supplement that brings vigour and power to the body, a classic Rasayana and Aphrodisiac medicine in Ayurveda.

Ashwagandha and Shatavari – Ayurvedic herbs that can be taken in tonic form, used for building plasma and keeping the entire body strong and protected.

Brahmi The herb for the longevity of our mental health.

All plants classified as Aphrodisiac – Not only bringing energy and blood to the sex organs but most often bringing stamina to the entire body, especially Amazonian Botanicals such as Chuchuhuasi and Clavo Huasca.

All plants classified as Adaptogenic – Helping us find balance form the internal and external stressors we live with daily.

Vitamin D – like all living things, we need direct contact with sunlight to live long healthy happy lives.


Ghee– Plenty of good fats to keep the body and mind well lubricated into old age.

Know your Prakriti Knowing what foods make you thrive will help you fall into your ideal diet

Eating in good company – As discovered by the Blue Zone data

Eating smaller amounts – Scientifically connected to longevity


Restorative Yoga – This active yet passive yoga practice just might be the most underrated ant-ageing practice there is, especially for women on the go. Get those legs up the wall.

Yoga Nidra – This is Brain yoga and is another underrated passive, yet active practice.

Binaural Beats – keeping the body in rest, digest and repair is the only way the body can rejuvenate so any practices that lower brainwave frequencies are exceptionally helpful.

The Value of Routine – Dinacharya is fundamental to Ayurvedic longevity and is the commitment to a daily self-care routine. This would classicly be self-oiling, tongue scraping, meditating and committing to eating at set times and not staying up too late, but can easily be any daily routine that self-serves.

Abhyanga warm oils applied to the skin nourish tissues and builds immunity by protecting the skin’s microbiome

Sleep – lack of sleep is inflammatory and affects blood vessels.

Remember classical Rasayana is practised after a DETOX because the clean body is more receptive, a clean slate that you build a strong foundation upon. Detox your body 2 x a year and then reap the rewards of yearly Rasyana practices.

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