Anyone can benefit from a detox program. You don’t need to be sick and you don’t need to be well. The act of detoxifying the body is not only an incredibly powerful way to jump-start any treatment or wellness regimen but also one of the most powerful PREVENTATIVE health measures you can take. People with the following conditions will undoubtedly feel a significant shift from this program: Low energy, irritability, lacklustre, despondency, anxiety/depression, lethargy, brain fog or insomnia, stiff joints, body pain or inflammation, poor digestion, IBS, gastritis, constipation, bloating or gas, Candida overgrowth or parasites, headaches, allergies, low immunity, hormone imbalances, cravings/addictions for sugar, carbs, alcohol or caffeine.

However, if you suffer from insufficient kidney function, severe anaemia or Type 1 Diabetes, you will need to advise your health care practitioner before starting the program and if appropriate, the program will need to be adapted.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not recommended that you undergo a detox program since your body is on a different trajectory at this time.

Remember that I am always available as support to your program so amendments to the protocol can always be made before your start dates and in real-time.