This Easter marked the one-year anniversary of my Detox Program that I have been running in Lima, Peru.

To date I have personally guided more than 90 people through the 7-day program. Honestly, the results have been astounding and I couldn’t be more honoured and thrilled. On the first anniversary of the program, I can look back and analyse precisely why the program is able to get such phenomenal results. I have come to several conclusions which are explained below:

Group energy is no small thing

There is a kinetic force when we all move forward together through the program with the same common goal that is undeniably powerful. Doing this alone takes a great deal of discipline and willpower, but detoxing in a group allows for all of us to carry the experience and support one another. I believe this is the most important contributing factor to the success rate of the program.

My Protocol works

The protocol is sound yet what makes my Program work is that the participants actually stick to the protocol, which is a big imperative. Every single one of my past participants has reported sticking to 90-100% of the protocol. Amazing!

Luxury is good.

Daily self-care practices with high-quality products feel fantastic. We stick with things we enjoy and this program is rich with luxurious treatments and products. Keeping ourselves pampered has a fantastic effect on the nervous system, sending much-needed positive messages to the body. This positive cycle is transformational!

The hunger is for knowledge

My participants find so much joy in learning new ways of taking care of themselves and awakening to a new approach towards food. This satiates and satisfies a hunger for knowledge we all have when it directly impacts our quality of life. Less than 10% of past participants stated they suffered with any hunger during the program.


Taking yourself off solid food and jumping into a raw juice fast is insane. Why is no one saying this? When you remove the insoluble fibre form the diet, you stop going to the bathroom. Forcing the body into acute constipation and expecting to detoxify is ludicrous. Most people are suffering from constipation as it is, and need more fibre, not the complete elimination of it. The benefits of fasting on raw vegetable-based juice is unparalleled and so in this program we properly prepare the body for it in a safe and logical manner.

We go deeper

Releasing stored-up toxicity from within our cellular structure can also evoke a powerful emotional release. This is addressed in-depth during the program, enabling people to comfortably go deeper, releasing even more, and subsequently getting a deeper detox that leaves them feeling much more rewarded.

I am just so honoured and excited to be exactly where I am and look forward to where I will be next year when I turn 2.