The Amaveda Panchakarma

The Amaveda Panchakarma is a modernised, multi-dimensional healing protocol synergising classical Ayurvedic purification practices, functional fasting, nourishing food and the latest findings in gut health and detox supplementation. The ultimate Ayurveda-inspired healing experience.

A return to wholeness.

The success of the Amaveda programs is accredited to its ten years in practice, the wisdom of Ayurvedic healing, and its focus on beauty, ease, and pleasure.

Hundreds of people around the world have experienced the benefits of these programs, and I hope you can too.


Nervous System First

Regulating the nervous system is at the core of all healing and cleansing. In all my programs and retreats, I prioritize your nervous system in order to create the foundation of your transformation.


Meta Metabolism

When we align a mindset of positive expectations and the emotions of playful curiosity with the healing food, fasting practice, exercise, supplements, or any of the physical body components involved in a healing protocol, this radically amplifies the efficacy of our efforts. We call this 'Meta Metabolism,' and it is a core component of all Amaveda programs.


5 Bodies to Love

The Amaveda programs honour the Ayurvedic concept of the Panchakoshas, or the '5 bodies'. The layers that extend beyond our physical body are the energetic, mental, emotional, and cosmic bodies. When you clear, and unblock the physical body, you restore and amplify flow to all of the 5 bodies.


Group Synergy

Healing is accelerated in groups. Period. The Amaveda retreats celebrate the benefits of a collective journey, where the combined desire for improved well-being generates a powerful synergy that carries the group forward, surpassing individual efforts.


Functional Fasting

Let no food be thy medicine.

The core components

The architecture of transformation


Increased energy
Heightened mental clarity and focus
Deepened connection to true self/heightened intuition
Appropriate weight release
Reduced inflammation in the body
Reduction or elimination of pain in the body
Increased flexibility/agility
Brighter, clearer skin
Improved intestinal flora and pH
Eradication of caffeine dependency
Eradication of sugar/carb cravings
Reduction of candida overgrowth
Immune system function support
Culinary Consciousness
Motivation for positive change

Retreat Testimonials


Upcoming retreats


Pancha Karma Portugal
22 Apr - 27 Apr 2024
Eastern Algarve

APRIL 22 - APRIL 27 | 2024
Your spring rebirth initiation - a full 5-day Ayurveda-inspired, multi-layered cleanse, with hammam, movement, fasting, sound and bodywork at the elegant Companhia das Culturas in the Eastern Algarve, Portugal.


Pancha Karma Peru
18 Nov - 25 Nov 2024
Kichic | Mancora

NOVEMBER 18 - 25 | 24
The 7-day detox retreat at Kichic is luxurious, pleasurable and easy. The protocol enhances the body's capacity to generate and sustain a more joyful state of being. Ayurveda-inspired, pleasure-focused. Since 2015.

I would love for you to join us.