The Bridge

A customised, personalised program designed for your specific health goals or challenges, built around your unique lifestyle.

The Bridge programs are founded on Ayurvedic detox fundamentals, modern nutrition science, and body-mind practices but truly, there is magic infused in these programs that I don't have a word for- other than a life of learning and reverence for the plethora ways we can support our bodies functionality.

Created, delivered, guided, and fully supported within an 8-week container, your custom program serves as the bridge to a healthier, upgraded you.

When stuck in states of malaise or poor health, it can be challenging and overwheming to bridge your present state towards wholeness and vitality. This program is that bridge.

The first step towards elevated health is always METABOLIC HEALTH. All of The Bridge programs beging with cleansing and nourishing the gastrointestianl tract - because when you remove the physical blockages and stagnation - your entire biological system resets.

From here, we atune your mental posture towards your own intrinsic vitality, make the necessary tweeks and amendments that are undermining your wholeness - lurking inside your 'lifestlye'.

Now, you land in right relationship to what your body truly needs, craves and acutally deserves from you. At this point, the path towards wholness doesn’t just get easier, but obvious and unavoidable.

So whatever your present state - whether you have been feeling unwell, stuck battling a long-term health challenge or just want to ensure your continued health, this will help you immensely.

We start where you are

The health challenges where I make the most impact

  • Preventative whole body upgrades via metabolic health
  • Undiagnosed malaise (don’t know what’s wrong)
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Doctor-ordered stress reduction
  • Remission from exhaustion or illness
  • Interest in Ayurvedic detox and natural medicine
  • Poor digestion, IBS, gastritis, Candida overgrowth
  • Blood toxicity, heavy metal poisoning
  • Headaches, allergies, low immunity

Optimal Results

The best results come to clients who

  • Are open to altering their routine and habits
  • Have some spare time to play and experiment in the kitchen
  • Are able to invest in any necessary supplements, supportive therapies, lab work etc.
  • Can invest in new ingredients and/or body tools
  • Are up for a challenge and excited for a change

The Bridge is a comprehensive, customised, lifestyle-centric & fully-supported transformational program.

Your 8 week container

After enrolling, calculate 2 weeks for the development and preparation of your program. During this time you’ll receive any necessary supplements, foods/ingredients and/or tools to have ready for your start date.

Then, over the next 4 weeks, dedicated to your transformation, you dive in! Within these 4 weeks, there may be various phases to encourage greater success and ease.

The last two weeks are for joyfully integrating any new recipes and practices into your daily life, ensuring prolonged results and continued well-being.

I am available to you for ongoing support, encouragement, motivation and accountability when necessary throughout the entire 8 weeks, propelling you toward your goals.

I am currently taking bookings for June, July and October 2024


  • Custom program design
  • Practical meal plan
  • Fasting program - if appropriate
  • Supplementation recommendations
  • Complimentary lifestyle practices
  • Supportive treatment suggestions
  • 8 weeks of support & guidance

Success Stories

May these serve as motivation

health is shared

When we heal and evolve, the experience is shared. Being the leader of your own wellness evolution does not go unrecognised by your community, both micro and macro. When you heal yourself, you heal the collective because we are all interconnected energetic beings. Yay!

Program Investment £2700


What level of health is this appropriate for?

This program is suitable for almost all levels of health, ability and curiosity: from bi-annual upkeep to a hunger for self-knowledge to a real need for healing. Through the connection call we will establish if this is right for you.

I'm feeling well, should I try a detox program?

Your custom program can be designed for any level of health, and be as gentle as necessary. Panchakarma detox is recommended biannually as a preventative practice towards all body imbalances, physical, emotional and spiritual.

What if I don't feel strong enough for a change?

We will go as light as you need. A gentle, light, nourishing cleanse serves as a starting point toward rejuvenation and strength, helping you rebuild and renew your vitality.

I'm completely new to all this, is it complicated?

The Bridge programs are ‘lifestyle-centric’ meaning they are built around how you are already living, what you are doing, knowing, buying, eating etc. and will meet you where you are. I may push you to meet you edges of comfort, but as I guide, you lead.

How much spare time do I need for the program?

The amount of spare time required varies based on the intensity of your program, which is determined by your detox needs and preferences. Generally, it's preferable to have at least 1-2 hours available each day for tasks such as preparing recipes, engaging in practices, and, most importantly, regenerative downtime. We can discuss your specific time commitment further during our discovery call.

How much do I need to allocate for supplements?

My programs are significantly enhanced by supplementation including detox-specific formulas and specialty ingredients - which play a crucial role in achieving success. I can work within your budget, but having an additional £200-£300 is ideal. Supportive practices, such as lab work, body work, saunas, and more, can also greatly benefit your detox process. The cost for these practices depends on what's available in your area and what's suggested for your unique protocol. We can discuss the options that best align with your goals during our consultation.

What if I get sick or need to stop the program?

In most cases, if you experience symptoms resembling a cold or general discomfort during detox, it's actually a positive sign that your body is eliminating toxins; this phase is often referred to as a 'healing crisis' or a 'Herxheimer reaction.' If you do encounter this, we will work together in real-time to determine the best approach to move you through it. On the other hand, if a life situation necessitates a pause in the program, we will restart at the most suitable time for you.

What type of support do you provide?

We connect on WhatsApp for real-time text or voice messaging, or, you can schedule a call with me anytime you need to.

What if I need more than time for my program?

If you require additional support beyond the 8-week container or wish to extend it, I offer extra support or extension time at an additional cost of £180 for a 1-hour phone coaching session or £450 per month for each month of your program extension. If, in rare cases, we initially determine that a program longer than 4 weeks is most appropriate for you, it will be included in the one-time fee.

How do I know if I need a detox?

Full-body cleansing should ideally be done twice a year as both preventative medicine and a curative practice for:
-Food intolerances/addictions
-Low mood states, mental lethargy
-Slow fat metabolism
-Weak, stressed or poor digestion of any type
-Sluggish liver and kidney function
-Any excess inflammation and/or oxidisation in the body
And as a general physical and emotional overhaul, upgrading and toning ALL of our inherent detox processes.