The Detox Atelier

The Detox Atelier is an online, group program teaching you how to support your body's natural detoxification processes through impactful recipes and practices.

Each month you'll receive just a few detox-supportive recipes or practices. This gives you the time to try them, learn them, engage with them, and make them your own.

No huge resource library, more than enough to make lasting change.

If you're committed to maintaining good health, especially as you navigate midlife - with a focus on effective detox-supportive recipes and practices, these teachings will be priceless to you.

This a preventative-medicine-making studio.

The 6 month journey will be guided by me within our connected community.

At·el·ier | A workshop or studio where an artist creates.

The recipes you will learn are for you to create on repeat, time and again, allowing you to continuously hone the art of preventative health.


In just six months, you will have an entirely new lineup of magic happening in your kitchen and in your life, forever.

This is an opportunity to playfully integrate the recipes, ingredients, and practices that truly support your entire biology and physiology, so you can make and do them on repeat.

You will be learning the most effective ways to nurture your gut lining, support a healthy gut microbiome, improve your digestion (and elimination), optimize liver and kidney function, and strengthen your body's core physiology with detox-supportive recipes and practices.


You got this

  • Healing the Gut by Nurturing the Mucosa- Directly improving nutrient absorption and immunity
  • Boosting Gut Microbial Integrity -Strengthening the gut-brain axis means a better brain
  • Clearing the Central Channel - Un-constipating yourself for cleaner emotional energy
  • Now Open: All Routes of Elimination - Less inflammation, more flow, more ease, more joy
  • Liver Purification Mastery - Radically reduce the risk of all bodily imbalances
  • The Curative Kitchen's Medicinal Pantry -Upping your game at the heart of the house

This is for you

  • To expand your food-as-medicine repertoire
  • To feel the empowerment of making your own medicinal foods
  • To proactively support your gracefully aging body
  • To deepen your knowledge of your innate detoxification systems
  • If you value the concept of self-reliant health over outsourcing your wellbeing
  • Because you love the idea of your kitchen as an artists studio and value the aesthetics of the things in your home

Program Structure

Gentle Mastery


Week 1: The visual & audio lesson for your 1st Atelier recipe practice within that month's theme
Week 2: The visual & audio lesson for your 2nd Atelier recipe practice within that month's theme
Week 3: Live hang out/Q+A and group share on Zoom
Week 4: The energetic practice for the Energetic Personal practice & integration


1-The downloadable print outs for each lesson, recipe and practice.
2-Preparation lists of the ingredients or tools needed for the next month’s Atelier.
3-Video presentations of the recipes required for each month.
4-One live call with me where you can ask questions and share your experience, recorded and uploaded to your Atelier space.
5-Access to the community space where you can connect with the other participants for group synergy and support if you chose.

I have invited some wonderful guests teachers to share their unique gifts with you in some bonus, supportive content.

6 Months inside the Atelier one off payment $1080
Or, 6 monthly payments of $198

6 Months of gentle Mastery $990
Or, 6 monthly payments of $180

Included in the Program

  • Just the right amount of information
  • Audio, visual and video lessons
  • Printable references
  • Live group calls, recorded
  • Group connection
$990 for 6 months

Start Date TBA

Your opportunity to learn my most impactful recipes and practices from years of experience - moving you into new levels of self-reliant health.


What is the time commitment for this program?

The minimum time required is approx. 1-2 hours per week. You can put as much into this as you want. There will be some time required for the sourcing of supplies, and you can easily go the extra mile with beautiful containers, bottles, labels and extra time to play and experiment with making your kitchen your Atelier.

What ingredients will I need?

At the start of the course, you'll get the ingredient list for the first months. We'll be using a mix of simple, easily available items and a few specialities throughout. Depending on your location, some may be easy to find, others might need online ordering. Each month you will receive the ingredient list for the following month.

What level of health do I need to have?

Any! All levels of health will benefit. If you are in doubt if this is appropriate for you, please reach out via the contact form or WhatsApp found at the footer.

What if I need to leave the program?

The program is a 6-month commitment so if you can't attend live, you will have access to the contents and recorded calls for 6 months after the end of the program.

How long will I have access to this content?

The program contents will be live for 1 year. You can download all the recipes in.pdf form during the program.

I'm not sure this is right for me, can we discuss?

Of course! Please just reach out via the contact page or the WhatsApp number at the footer.

Is this a detox program?

You are the detox program! You're already a miraculous detox machine! So this is more like a teaching journey into what these processes are that you are already doing, and how to support them. So it's like a slow, self-sourced detox program.

Can I share the cost with a friend?

You could, because I don't have the technical savvy to prevent this. It would appreciate however, and it would be more in integrity and support of my work if the contents of this program were not shared. However, the content can of course be shared with anyone you co-habitate with or share a kitchen with.

I'm so in!