Hello and welcome,

On this page, I share the core elements that distinguish my approach and enhance the effectiveness of my work. Thank you for being here.

I am Emily Shaw

A life of learning

I am here to play a role in our collective remembrance that we are the ultimate healer, alchemist & agent for creative change in our lives.

The information I hold true, share, and teach has been compiled over the past 25+ years of facilitating various aspects of well-being, including my own.

My knowledge comes from my discernment, my intuition and a life of study and practice.

Amaveda is my muse

Amazonia + Ayurveda = Amaveda


Since 2006, the Peruvian Amazon has been my place of both inspiration and transformation. There is an aliveness I feel walking through the Belen market at 6 a.m. that has been hard to replicate.

The enormous pharmacopoeia of relatively unknown, yet powerful and diverse Amazonian botanicals is continually strengthened through their own evolution. This is something I believe humanity is modelling. It is in our opposition to extinction that we learn how to thrive.


In 2011 I went to India to study Ayurveda and Panchakarma. The wisdom of this ancient system ignited a whole new level of excitement in me and has been my North Star ever since, inspiring everything I do.

At this time in history, I believe we must embrace holistic medical systems and healing modalities that have endured thousands of years of practice, revolve around the natural world as medicine and view mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health as one and the same. It is an honour to draw from this masterful Indian tradition: The Science of Life.


Participatory medicine

My programs are based on my alignment with the participatory medicine methodology. When the hands that heal you are your own, this becomes participatory medicine; the most powerful kind of healing that exists. Participatory medicine strengthens the sense of agency and resilience that encourages a more profound healing response with staying power. I guide, you lead.



This DREAM JOURNAL is the property of my subconscious poet, my internal guidance system, my team in spirit and my darkest shadow. May the medicine of metaphors, stories and symbols of my dreams be relentlessly remembered so I can continue to wake up to the highest expression of my waking life experience.


Belief Biology

It is possible to thrive under countless dietary choices and conditions because our beliefs transcend what's on our plate, because our beliefs shape our reality. The energetic signature of grace and gratitude for your food boosts both bioavailability and nutritional value. You better believe it!

My Medicine Pot

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