detox & wellbeing programs and retreats

Elevate your state of being

Together, through the creative mediums of eating, fasting, and detox, we will elevate the state of your physical, emotional, and energetic body.

Because once you have cleared out the stagnation and blockages, you open the way for greater vitality and joy to flow.

The retreats

Detox doesn't happen on a retreat. It is an ongoing, inherent process sustaining life. You are a miraculous, detox machine, every day. On retreat, your myriad biological detox processes are encouraged, strengthened and optimised to function better,
in support of the full miracle of you.


Pancha Karma Peru
27 Nov - 4 Dec 2023
Kichic | Mancora

NOV 27 - DEC 4 | 23
The 7-day detox retreat at Kichic is luxurious, pleasurable and easy. The protocol enhances the body's capacity to generate and sustain a more joyful state of being. Ayurveda-inspired, pleasure-focused. Since 2015.


Pancha Karma Portugal
22 Apr - 27 Apr 2024
Eastern Algarve

APRIL 22 - APRIL 27 | 2024
An invitation to experience a 5-day Ayurvedic detox program with daily hammam treatments, yoga and meditation classes at the elegant Companhia das Culturas in the Eastern Algarve, Portugal.

The Bridge

Custom detox program design, guidance and support

The Juicy Path

A learning space for intentional and juicy wellbeing.

Positively, great testimonials

Hello and welcome

On my 'About' page, I share my methodology and muse - and open the lid to the medicine pot that fuels my work.

I am Emily Shaw

The success of the Amaveda detox protocol is attributed to its ten years of practice, the wisdom of Ayurvedic self-healing techniques, and an acknowledgement that physical, mental, emotional,and spiritual health are all interconnected aspects of wholeness.

Hundreds of people from around the world have experienced the benefits of this program, I hope you can too.

We picked a great time to be well

We are living in an incredibly exciting time for health and well-being.

The relatively new understanding of epigenetics, the human genome and the role of microbiota are scientific breakthroughs that have disrupted our previous understanding of the human body. This means we are no longer bound by our genetics, a big deal in our lifetime! Couple that with the incredible variety of new healing food products available, alongside extraordinary advancements in supplement formulations, and it's safe to say, that we are living in a truly great time to be well.